Unleashing Dumaguete's Charm: Steps to Boost Tourism in the City

  Unleashing Dumaguete's Charm: Steps to Boost Tourism in the City Steps to Boost Tourism in the City Dumaguete is a beautiful city in the Philippines that attracts tourists from all over the world. Its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and friendly locals make it a popular destination for travelers. However, to maximize its potential as a tourist destination, the City of Dumaguete must take steps to improve its tourism industry. Here are some ways that the City of Dumaguete can improve its tourism industry: Developing tourism infrastructure One of the key steps to improving tourism in Dumaguete is to develop its infrastructure. The city needs to improve transportation options, build new accommodations, and develop new tourist attractions. Transportation: One of the biggest challenges faced by tourists in Dumaguete is transportation. While the city does have tricycles and jeepneys, they can be unreliable and uncomfortable for visitors. The city should consider developing a more mo

Day 1 Blog: Do the People of Negros Oriental Fear Congressman Arnie Teves?

This is day one in my effort to write a blog daily. The goal of this blog is to improve my skill in writing because I am very much aware that it sucks. And the topic of my first daily blog is a bit political. I will be taking off from the statement of Congressman Arnie Teves during the Senate Hearing. He was accused of striking fear in the people of Negros Oriental, and he responded that it was false because of the thousands of followers he has on Facebook, there are countless people he helped, and citizens also treat him as a celebrity and have pictures with them. And from my understanding of his defense, he is not feared or creating fear because of the thousands of accounts where Congressman Arnie Teves considers himself approachable. Will the Senate accept his defense? That I do not know. But what we know for certain is, Congressman Arnie Teves, does give financial aid to his constituents when asked. I believe hundreds if not thousands can prove this claim. Because anyone from the 3

Who Killed Roel Ragay Degamo?

Who Killed Roel Ragay Degamo ? That is probably the biggest question inside the mind of the residents of Negros Oriental .  On March 04, 2023, armed men stormed the house of the Governor, where he was shot and killed along with other innocent victims. The Governor's death became part of the growing statistics of death related to an alleged conflict of political interest. It was shocking that this type of crime happened inside the home of the Governor, and innocent civilians were caught in the crossfires of rivalry. The barbaric act of including civilians gained sympathy from the people of Negros Oriental, who wished for the perpetrators to be caught and brought to justice soon.  Most of the suspects are now under the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) custody. It was a quick response from the Police, compared to the previously unsolved killings in the Province . And it was indeed an applaudable effort that justice can be swift if the PNP will bring forth conviction in serving it. T

Everyone is Selling on TikTok, and it's not HELPING!

 A lot of us love TikTok. The platform has fresh content creators, and the videos are not too long.  It is the ideal Social Media if you want to chill while watching videos on the internet.  Then suddenly, TikTok introduced the TikTok shop. At first, I was astonished by their move. They made the platform complete - content and eCommerce all-in-one. But lately, when I open the app, I'm no longer excited because all I see are online sellers.  The sudden barrage of online sellers may benefit someone who visits the platform to buy something. But for me, who only wanted to watch videos, each scroll was a complete waste of time.  Sadly, the algorithm prioritizes promotional videos, and it is annoying.  And to make matters worse, the TikTok shop has an affiliate program.  Now everyone is an affiliate.  Instad of making entertaining videos, they make promotional videos in hopes of a commission.  Then, there are black hat schemes that benefit sellers. A paid creator uses a filter to edit th

Dumaguete City | LTO On Fire

It was nothing but madness.  The Dumaguete police was called to pacify the crowd after becoming too agitated and inpatient. And around 10-AM when the police left, the tension was still there. The security guard had to shout just to calm the people down. Thankfully, I was able to receive my 10-year validity drivers license today(November 04, 2022), after 8-months of waiting and three scheduled visits at the LTO. The employees can be seen working hard to process the renewals and applications. However, it’s very clear that LTO public service needs improvement. If given the chance to recommend, here are simple ways the LTO Dumaguete can improve their services to the people of Negros Oriental: Hire an actual receptionist. The LTO gave this task to the security guard. The LTO is unguarded most of the days since the guard is too busy entertaining applications. Though he is showing good effort, it is not his job. While there’s one personnel that looks like a receptionist inside, comfortably si

A Disappointed Governor Degamo, and a Disppointed Voter

A controversial Facebook post is now circulating online in Dumaguete City and the rest of Negros Oriental. It is a video with a voice recording of what sounds to be the now-seated Governor Roel Degamo. The 1:44 video sounds like the Governor is having a meeting with the staff of Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH). And in the meeting, the seated Governor bluntly expressed his disappointment to the people he was talking to, with some mixed Cebuano explicit words.  You can check the video here , and hopefully it is still up on Facebook by the time you are reading this. I believe that the members of NOPH did not deserve Degamo’s ranting. His anger is politically fueled after having a steep competition against the Teves on the election poles and in Social Media. The staff of NOPH deserves better treatment from the leaders they are working for. Here are my personal observations about the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital This observation was from a few years back, and I hope it has

Dumaguete City | Buglasan 2022, The Grand Opening

  Dumaguete City | Buglasan 2022, The Grand Opening October 21, 2022, was the grand opening of the 2022 Buglasan Festival. Buglasan festival is a festival of festivals here in Negros Oriental, and is hosted by its capital city Dumaguete. Speculations were circulating around the province about whether the festivities will push through.  The doubt came after two governors were seated at the provincial capitol, Roel Degamo of Pamplona vs. Pryde Henry Teves of Bayawan.  And if you roam around the Buglasan booth area now, you can find two interesting observations. Firstly, the towns of Valencia and Bayawan did not participate. This is probably because former Mayor Henry Pryde Teves is from Valencia and Bayawan. After he lost to Roel Degamo from a decision  by the DILG, the two towns may have lost the spirit to celebrate Buglasan. Or, they are showing a sign of protest. Secondly, and probably the most embarrassing of this year's celebration, 99% of the booths are incomplete during the gr