Who Killed Roel Ragay Degamo?

Who Killed Roel Ragay Degamo? That is probably the biggest question inside the mind of the residents of Negros Oriental

On March 04, 2023, armed men stormed the house of the Governor, where he was shot and killed along with other innocent victims. The Governor's death became part of the growing statistics of death related to an alleged conflict of political interest.

It was shocking that this type of crime happened inside the home of the Governor, and innocent civilians were caught in the crossfires of rivalry. The barbaric act of including civilians gained sympathy from the people of Negros Oriental, who wished for the perpetrators to be caught and brought to justice soon. 

Most of the suspects are now under the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) custody. It was a quick response from the Police, compared to the previously unsolved killings in the Province. And it was indeed an applaudable effort that justice can be swift if the PNP will bring forth conviction in serving it.

The DOJ, through Boying Remulla, named Arnie Teves as the mastermind of the Pamplona Massacre. And also stated that he could have two or more people working with him to plan and execute the murder of Roel Degamo. Though all fault may point to Arnie Teves, until he is proven guilty by the Court, he will remain innocent.

The big question still remains, Who killed Roel Ragay Degamo? 

And the answer to that question may come soon. And we also hope this tragedy here in Negros Oriental will shed light on the buried corpses without justice. That the answers to their deaths will be found. 

The Province of Negros Oriental is a peaceful province. But, it went through a short era of fear and darkness.

And hopefully, the death of Governor Degamo will bring back the peace that every Negrense deserves.


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