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A Celebration of Culture and Unity: Buglasan Festival 2023 Review

In the heart of the Philippines, the vibrant province of Negros Oriental recently played host to the much-anticipated Buglasan Festival of 2023. This annual celebration, deeply rooted in the rich cultural tapestry of the region, brought together locals and tourists alike for a week-long extravaganza of music, dance, art, and culinary delights. As I had the privilege of attending this year's festivities, let me take you on a journey through the captivating moments and highlights of the Buglasan Festival 2023. Cultural Extravaganza: Buglasan Festival is renowned for its diverse array of cultural performances, and this year was no exception. From traditional folk dances to contemporary theatrical productions, the festival showcased the province's cultural heritage in all its glory. The energy and passion displayed by the performers were infectious, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity among the spectators. One of the standout events was the street dancing competition, where dif

The Simala Church - The Castle Near the Heavens

  The Simala Church - The Castle Near the Heavens The Simala Church It was close to 8-years ago since I last visited the Simala Church. I was happy that I was able to make the trip to Simala this week, and I was surprised to see a lot of changes. The church made huge renovations and I can notice more vendors now compared to before. The traditional sellers of bracelets, rosaries, and miracle water are still there. While the younger generation of vendors are selling tourist souvenir items. For those who are not familiar, Simala Church is a church in Sibonga, owned and operated by the Marian Monks of Eucharistic Adoration (MMEA), and its main patron saint is Mama Mary. It is famous among Catholics because of the countless miracles it offered, and the letter testimonies of these encounters are exhibited inside its halls. But, over the years, the visit to the Simala Shrine has not been exclusive to religious intents and is more like tourism. And in my recent visit, I have two observations t

The Importance of Physical Health: Why Governor Chaco Sagarbarria Should Prioritize Weight Loss

Why Governor Chaco Sagarbarria Should Prioritize Weight Loss Governor Chaco Sagarbarria of Negros Oriental is an influential figure entrusted with the responsibility of governing the province. As a leader, he serves as a role model for the community and has the power to inspire positive change. One area where Governor Sagarbarria could greatly benefit from personal improvement is his physical health. In this article, we will explore the potential impacts of his weight on his work and highlight the importance of setting a good example by maintaining good physical health. H ealthier Lifestyle, Greater Productivity: Carrying excess weight can lead to various health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These conditions can significantly impact one's overall well-being and productivity. As the Governor, Sagarbarria's role involves making critical decisions and managing a wide range of responsibilities. By prioritizing weight loss, he can improve his phys

Unleashing Dumaguete's Charm: Steps to Boost Tourism in the City

  Unleashing Dumaguete's Charm: Steps to Boost Tourism in the City Steps to Boost Tourism in the City Dumaguete is a beautiful city in the Philippines that attracts tourists from all over the world. Its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and friendly locals make it a popular destination for travelers. However, to maximize its potential as a tourist destination, the City of Dumaguete must take steps to improve its tourism industry. Here are some ways that the City of Dumaguete can improve its tourism industry: Developing tourism infrastructure One of the key steps to improving tourism in Dumaguete is to develop its infrastructure. The city needs to improve transportation options, build new accommodations, and develop new tourist attractions. Transportation: One of the biggest challenges faced by tourists in Dumaguete is transportation. While the city does have tricycles and jeepneys, they can be unreliable and uncomfortable for visitors. The city should consider developing a more mo

Everyone is Selling on TikTok, and it's not HELPING!

 A lot of us love TikTok. The platform has fresh content creators, and the videos are not too long.  It is the ideal Social Media if you want to chill while watching videos on the internet.  Then suddenly, TikTok introduced the TikTok shop. At first, I was astonished by their move. They made the platform complete - content and eCommerce all-in-one. But lately, when I open the app, I'm no longer excited because all I see are online sellers.  The sudden barrage of online sellers may benefit someone who visits the platform to buy something. But for me, who only wanted to watch videos, each scroll was a complete waste of time.  Sadly, the algorithm prioritizes promotional videos, and it is annoying.  And to make matters worse, the TikTok shop has an affiliate program.  Now everyone is an affiliate.  Instad of making entertaining videos, they make promotional videos in hopes of a commission.  Then, there are black hat schemes that benefit sellers. A paid creator uses a filter to edit th

Dumaguete City | The Black Slaves of the East, A Place of Retirement

Dumaguete City | The Black Slaves of the East, A Place of Retirement The Black Slaves of the East. That is the English translation of the province name Negros Oriental, which recently headlined the national news when it had two seated Provincial Governors after the 2022 elections.  Naming the province Negros Oriental was out of oppression by the Spanish invaders. The name still stands after more than 300 years as a bitter reminder that all sins have been forgotten and forgiven. Today, Dumaguete City, the capital city of Negros Oriental is recognized as one of the best cities to retire for foreigners. And this is the topic of my article, why Dumaguete City is the best city to retire for foreigners. There are Beautiful Young Women Foreigners do not want to live the rest of their lives alone. Most of them are seeking quality companions from young beautiful Filipina women. And the city of Dumaguete attracts young girls from different places on the Negros Island. Young Pinay women that fo

Dumaguete City | Death Star, The Artificial Sun of China

The Artificial Sun of China You’ve read that correctly, an Artificial Sun. China has built and tested Artificial Sun.  But the application of this technology is not to replace the actual Sun. Though it’s cool to think of it that way since China is a Superpower. But, China’s Artificial Sun has a more powerful purpose. It  is a Nuclear Fusion Reactor. A Tokamak Fusion Reactor. It’s a massive nuclear fusion reactor called Artificial Sun. The Artificial Sun has reportedly generated temperatures 10 times hotter than the Sun’s surface.  If you wear your conspiracy hat, do you think this is a death star that China will use to conquer the world?  Well, my opinion is different from that. As you see, energy or electricity will be a problem in the future.  We don’t want coal because it’s not sustainable and has damaging effects on the planet's temperature. Even China is distancing itself from the use of coal, or operating coal power plants and looking for better sources. Renewable energy soun

Dumaguete City | President Duterte Stay-At-Home Order for Unvaccinated Person

Dumaguete City | President Duterte Stay-At-Home Order for Unvaccinated Person President Duterte Stay-At-Home Order  Dumaguete City - President Duterte has given orders to request unvaccinated people to stay at home. He’s empowering the Barangay Captains to convince their constituents to stay at home if they’re not vaccinated, and may only leave their houses for essential activities. Or risk getting arrested for violating this order. This is a strong statement from the President of the Philippines, and one that is necessary. What made the president decide to issue a stay-at-home order for unvaccinated Filipino citizens? Well, we may not have the exact reason why. But here are some simple logic that might be the explanation of the stay-at-home order: Covid-19 Will Plague the Country A rise of the Covid-19 cases after the Holidays was evident. Christmas and New Year gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate, and some of us might have been too reckless. Lowering your guard down against Covid

Dumaguete City | Covid-19 is Here to Stay in the Philippines, and we Will Lose our Jobs

Dumaguete City | Covid-19 is Here to Stay in the Philippines, and we Will Lose our Jobs Covid-19 is Here to Stay in the Philippines Covid-19 will not be leaving. If you’re still hoping that everything will go back to the way things were, think again. Because as what we are seeing, that’s not going to happen any time soon.  The Covid-19 Virus and First World Countries A virus has the capability to create new versions of itself when it transfers to different hosts. Like if Covid will infect someone, then that person passes it on to another person, and if this process is repeated several thousands of times, it will create new versions of itself. Such as what was heard with Delta and Omicron. Poor countries like the Philippines are closely preventing these transmissions because we cannot afford a breakout. But for first-world countries, they allow big gatherings, they let their citizens walk around without facemasks, and basically let the virus create new versions of itself. And it’s my pe

Dumaguete City | Are Private Hospitals Re-using Covid PPE's?

Dumaguete City | Are Private Hospitals Re-using Covid PPE's? Tyvek suits are disposable, or are they? I recently took my children to the hospital for their vaccination. And on my way to park my vehicle at the back of the hospital, I noticed that there were Tyvek suits hanged at the hospital’s laundry area.  Hanged of what seems to be for reuse. So why I am raising this concern in one of the hospitals here in Dumaguete City? Tyvek suits are also used in the industry that I work for. Workers wear this kind of protective clothing when dealing with hazardous chemicals.  And for what I know, Tyvek suits are disposable?  They are thrown in the garbage bins after each use to dispose of the chemicals that the worker has come in contact with. In the case of medical front liners, the Covid-19 virus they come in contact with. A health practice to make sure that the virus is contained and will not spread.  I am raising this issue for two reasons. First, I would presume that they will apply ble

System Loss Charges | Is it Real, Or a Pathetic Excuse to Make Money?

What is System Loss Charge of your Electric Bill? Recently, a friend posted a question on Facebook asking why she has “System Loss” charges in her electric bill. And I responded and explained to her why we are slapped with these charges from our Electricity Distribution Utility. And in this article, I’ll share why there is a “system loss” charge in our electricity bill.  And to be clear, the article only talks about electricity in the Philippines. So what is the System Loss charge? There are two major components of the power system that produce system loss. First is the transmission line, and second the transformer. When electricity passes through a transmission line, it creates the loss referred to as copper loss. And when electricity also passes through the conductor of a transformer core, it creates what we call core loss.  So, the two system losses are core and copper loss. And from the term itself, these two are wasted power, or power that was produced but not consumed or sold by

3 Reasons | Why you Should Keep your Kids Away From TikTok?

  3 Reasons Why you Should Keep your Kids Away From TikTok? TikTok is the newest hype social media platform. It allows users to share videos to an audience and connect with people around the world. For most businesses and pro-content creators, TikTok is a big platform because it still has th at native organic reach. But aside from Business and content creators, TikTok is attracting users from all spectrums, including kids. And most of these kids, I would guess, are producing and consuming content without guidance of parents or an adult. Now here’s why you should keep your kids away from TikTok. TikTok is a Soft Version of PornHub Unlike Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, TikTok’s algorithm is new and it still needs improvement on what contents are served to audiences of young ages. Thus, content that promotes nudity and violence's are not filtered appropriately.  Many content creators are projecting themselves as sex symbols to attract followers. I know that there is a lot of debate

Motivational Story for Success | Hidilyn Diaz - The Filipino Olympic Gold Medalist

Motivational Story for Success | Hidilyn Diaz - The Filipino Olympic Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz , the Philippines is celebrating her victory at the Tokyo Olympics. She bagged the very elusive gold medal and made history. But aside from the medal, she has received, the people seem to be talking more about her prize. They do have good reason to talk about it because it could reach a whopping 100 million pesos together with brand endorsements. And I believe that the attention and the money she is receiving are well deserved. But in this article, I would like to talk about two major points that some people might miss out on. Because of the highlight, we can only see the prize, but we might fail to recognize the journey. And if you pay close attention to Hidilyn Diaz’s victory, you can learn more about success, than weight lifting. Success Requires Patience Hidilyn competed in the Summer Olympics of 2008 . During that competition, she received no medal. And if we only consider this part of

Dumaguete | The City of Gentle People has no Water?

Dumaguete | The City of Gentle People has no Water? Dumaguete, you know the city right? I believe it has the best tag name, “The City of Gentle People”. And what I am going to share here concerns the people of Dumaguete. Let me share a story that received no immediate attention, and it might be something the government needs to talk about. The City is running out of water supply. I cannot remember when it started, but since the start of the lockdowns last March 2020, the City’s water district has failed to deliver a consistent and reliable flow of water to the houses of Dumaguete.  The water utility provider has announced several maintenance issues with its pipeline and pumps.  But is it really the root cause of the problem? Because it has been more than a year, and the very slow and close to no water from the faucet seems to be prevalent in most houses. If this is a mechanical issue, then the management is very poor at addressing the concerns of its consumers.  Such pumps and pipeline

4 Things Money can buy for your Happiness

4 Things Money can buy for your Happiness At a young age, I was conditioned that money can’t make you happy or can buy happiness. This is from the presumption that money can make you a bad person. And for the early part of my life, I believed that. Because I respect the conditioning imprinted inside my brain, I did not even strive to have more money than what I have.  But, as I become more mature, I realized that it’s a naive presumption. If you are literal about it, you can't buy happiness. But if you are practical, there are so many things you can do with money to make you happy.  Let me share my personal opinion about this subject and I hope my article is useful.  Here are some examples of what you can do with money and make a difference. And we will not be talking about some “billionaire” level activities here. You can Sponsor a Scholarship You can use your money to provide education to the less fortunate. This is one way of investing in something sustainable. Investing in educ

Affiliate Marketing Exposed | The BIG SECRET of YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorials

The BIG SECRET of YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorials Affiliate Marketing SecreExposed | The Big Secret of YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorials If you’ve searched on YouTube the key phrase “How to make money online?”I'm sure you have encountered the topic of affiliate marketing. The search results promise that this is the easiest way to make money online, and all you need to do is share a bunch of links to make big bucks.  But all these, is it true? Is affiliate marketing an easy way to make money online? If you are curious about affiliate marketing and the YouTube tutorials on how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing, then you definitely need to read this.  Like you, I’ve also watched those YouTube videos promising that this is an easy and profitable method to make money online. Profitable, yes it is. But easy? Most definitely not.  And in this article, I’ll be discussing my personal opinion about the subject, and my personal opinion if making money with affiliate mark

Entrepreneurs VS. YouTuber Doc Adam

  This is my own opinion of the legal complaints filed against the YouTuber Doc Adam. But who is Doc Adam? Doc Adam is a doctor and YouTuber based in Australia. He has been to the Philippines for medical missions and asides from having a Filipina girlfriend, he claims that Filipino’s have a special place in his heart. He expresses this closeness to the Filipinos by speaking Tagalog in his videos What caused the legal complaints against Doc Adam? Doc Adam’s YouTube channel is a commentary channel. Commentary channels produce videos that debunk false claims and wrong information to educate viewers on what is wrong and what is correct on the internet. In one of the videos of Doc Adam, he debunked the claims of edible supplements from Lito Ortiz and the famous Doc Farrah. The debunk focused on the explanation that the products being sold by the two entrepreneurs are not providing correct information to consumers. Apparently, Farrah and Ortiz did not like the commentary and the review given