Everyone is Selling on TikTok, and it's not HELPING!

 A lot of us love TikTok.

The platform has fresh content creators, and the videos are not too long. 

It is the ideal Social Media if you want to chill while watching videos on the internet. 

Then suddenly, TikTok introduced the TikTok shop. At first, I was astonished by their move. They made the platform complete - content and eCommerce all-in-one. But lately, when I open the app, I'm no longer excited because all I see are online sellers. 

The sudden barrage of online sellers may benefit someone who visits the platform to buy something. But for me, who only wanted to watch videos, each scroll was a complete waste of time. 

Sadly, the algorithm prioritizes promotional videos, and it is annoying. 

And to make matters worse, the TikTok shop has an affiliate program. 

Now everyone is an affiliate. 

Instad of making entertaining videos, they make promotional videos in hopes of a commission. 

Then, there are black hat schemes that benefit sellers. A paid creator uses a filter to edit their earnings and flex onto their followers. This prompts more users to sign up as an affiliate drawn by the promise of becoming filthy rich. The scheme is very rampant now, and it is taking away the entertainment on the platform.

My TikTok feed is filled with women claiming to have lost weight after drinking coffee -  and this edible perfume that women are overly excited about.

Do I hate TikTok for integrating eCommerce into their platform?

Overall no. Part of me still believes it was a good idea when TikTok integrated content and eCommerce. What they can do though, is improve their algorithm to recommend related videos only and reduce affiliate videos popping at the FYP.

Hopefully, by next year I can see some improvement in how they serve content to users. And find that perfect balance of video and selling.


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