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Pinay Teachers as Strippers on TikTok - Sabak Daddy by Cookie$

Pinay Teachers as Strippers on TikTok - Sabak Daddy by Cookie$ The song Sabak Daddy by Cookie$ has blown across all social media platforms, but most prominently on TikTok. The song lyrics have no special meaning. The popularity of the Bisaya track relies on its catchy beat and sexually suggestive music video.  It is not complex and suggests sex, two ingredients that catapulted Sabak Daddy to success. All the best to Mr. Cookie$ for making a successful hip-hop novelty.  The song Sabak Daddy has 4.6-M views on YouTube, but most of its success comes from TikTok. It has become a month-long dance trend among TikTok users, and this is where my opinion comes from.  Almost everybody knows that a lot of money can be made from Social Media. You can say goodbye to your day job if you have thousands of followers. There is serious money in being famous on TikTok. The main reason professionals are encouraged to make videos to grow a community inside the platform, and this includes teachers.  Teacher

Know me Lyrics | 8 Ballin Lyrics That no one Understood?

Know me Lyrics of the Group 8 Ballin.  This is my personal opinion of 8 Ballin's lyrics of the song, Know Me . This song is viral, and I believe that as of writing the views are still going up on YouTube, and more content creators are creating their content about it on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.  Download Know me Lyrics Here And in my personal opinion of the song Know Me, this song is just genius. Whoever thought about this deserves an “isang libong palakpakan" .  You might ask, what am I trying to talk about?  For the very obvious, what made you click and watch the video? For sure, it's not the looks of the artist or the meaning of the lyrics?  And YES!!! Let’s all feel sorry for our behavior, we watched the video because we thought the singer had some sort of condition with his speech.  We all clicked and shared the video because of how it was sung.  When the song blew up on Facebook and TikTok, like blew up big time, we all dived in because it was unique. We were al

Reaction Blog | Skusta Clee - Lagi Lyrics Meaning

Celebrity vlogger Zeinb Harake recently gave birth to a daughter named Baby Bia, with her celebrity partner Skusta Clee.  Following the birth of their daughter, Skusta Clee released a brand new music video on YouTube titled “Lagi” or Forever. Click Here:   Skusta Clee - Lagi Lyrics The meaning of the song Lagi by Skusta Clee revolves around their love for Baby Bia. I think there’s really not much to explain about the song. And the song deserves praise because the baby is just a wonderful blessing for both of them. Simple and truthful lyrics about love for a child, back with some cool and catchy melody, the song deserves its 1.4 M views as of writing. It's FREE: 100 Ways to Make Money Online <form

BTS Biot | War Between the Anti and the Army

BTS Biot | War Between the Anti and the Army Am I late for the “BTS Biot clout”?  Well, I’ll provide my personal opinion about this topic and hopefully, others can learn something.  And, I’ll be talking with the BTS army and the anti-BTS fans. BTS Biot remark triggered a  lot of Loyal fans of the BTS army. So is BTS really “BIOT” or bayot? For those who are not familiar, BIOT or BAYOT is a Filipino (Bisaya) word for Gay.  OK, I know that a lot of senseless words were also thrown in on top of the “BTS Biot” phrase.  But I’ll be specific, are you angry because somebody called BTS Bayot? My personal Opinion If we take a look at how BTS wears their clothes, how they project, undeniably they look gay. They have this soft white skin, they wear colorful clothes, and they have make-up on their face. They look feminine on stage. But for the information of everyone, this doesn’t mean that they are gay. The Korean pop culture, to my observation, uses their physical appearance as a marketing strat