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Unleashing Dumaguete's Charm: Steps to Boost Tourism in the City

  Unleashing Dumaguete's Charm: Steps to Boost Tourism in the City Steps to Boost Tourism in the City Dumaguete is a beautiful city in the Philippines that attracts tourists from all over the world. Its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and friendly locals make it a popular destination for travelers. However, to maximize its potential as a tourist destination, the City of Dumaguete must take steps to improve its tourism industry. Here are some ways that the City of Dumaguete can improve its tourism industry: Developing tourism infrastructure One of the key steps to improving tourism in Dumaguete is to develop its infrastructure. The city needs to improve transportation options, build new accommodations, and develop new tourist attractions. Transportation: One of the biggest challenges faced by tourists in Dumaguete is transportation. While the city does have tricycles and jeepneys, they can be unreliable and uncomfortable for visitors. The city should consider developing a more mo

The Destruction of Typhoon Odette in Negros Oriental

The Destruction of Typhoon Odette in Negros Oriental Negros Oriental Meets Category 5 Typhoon Odette Typhoon Odette left thousands of families in Negros Oriental asking for help. Last December 16, 2021, typhoon Odette with an international name of Rai brought the destructive power of a Category 5 hurricane in the Visayas region of the Philippines. This is only 8 years after Typhoon Yolanda. Though we might have assumed that after Yolanda government agencies have learnt from experiences. But apparently, one crucial mistake has recurred. But just a short disclaimer, this is just my own personal opinion from the information I have when Typhoon Odette made its landfall in Visayas. And my own view of the situation may be different than others. I am also a survivor of Yolanda, thus how it feels like inside a Category 5 Typhoon.  Lack if Warning The same as Typhoon Yolanda, there was no clear warning of how powerful Typhoon Odette was. Before its landfall, many thought that it was only a Cate

Dumaguete City | Are Private Hospitals Re-using Covid PPE's?

Dumaguete City | Are Private Hospitals Re-using Covid PPE's? Tyvek suits are disposable, or are they? I recently took my children to the hospital for their vaccination. And on my way to park my vehicle at the back of the hospital, I noticed that there were Tyvek suits hanged at the hospital’s laundry area.  Hanged of what seems to be for reuse. So why I am raising this concern in one of the hospitals here in Dumaguete City? Tyvek suits are also used in the industry that I work for. Workers wear this kind of protective clothing when dealing with hazardous chemicals.  And for what I know, Tyvek suits are disposable?  They are thrown in the garbage bins after each use to dispose of the chemicals that the worker has come in contact with. In the case of medical front liners, the Covid-19 virus they come in contact with. A health practice to make sure that the virus is contained and will not spread.  I am raising this issue for two reasons. First, I would presume that they will apply ble

Dumaguete City | How Would you Know if it's Election Season?

Dumaguete City | How Would you Know if it's Election Season? Christmas is not the only season prepared early in the Philippines. There’s a second seasonal celebration that a few and wealthy people prepare early. And this is no other than the election season. Christmas and election day have one thing in common here in the Philippines, it’s a season of both giving and receiving.  But how would you know if the election season is near? For Christmas, you would know because the weather becomes colder, and substandard Christmas lights flood the shopping malls.  For election season, everything can be seen on social media. It’s now frequent to see mudslinging from trolls, professional shot vlogs, and podcasts of politicians. But one gimmick has been consistent with the politicians here in Dumaguete. This tactic is around even during the pre-social media era.  And this is the very obvious early morning “Puto” and “Tsokolate” at the public market.  As of writing, it’s already election season

Dumaguete City | The Broken Rice

Dumaguete City | The Broken Rice The City of Dumaguete is giving rice assistance to its citizens. They are handing over 10-kg of rice as part of their assistance during this pandemic.  We are very much thankful because the government took notice of the challenges we are facing, and is taking action to alleviate the struggles of the people. But, though I am thankful, I noticed something irregular with the rice. In the sack of rice,  the words “long grain” is written. From what I know, long-grain means well-milled rice and of high quality. I am not “picky” in terms of what rice to eat. In life, I have no problems eating inside “carinderias”. From the “carinderias” of Carbon, Ormoc and Dumaguete. This also gives me enough experience to know what good bad rice is. When we opened the rice, we noticed that the grains were not long, as it was actually small in length, or in common terms “broken”. It looked like broken rice. And we cooked it, it felt and tasted like broken rice. And there is n