4 Things Money can buy for your Happiness

Things Money can buy for your Happiness
4 Things Money can buy for your Happiness
At a young age, I was conditioned that money can’t make you happy or can buy happiness. This is from the presumption that money can make you a bad person. And for the early part of my life, I believed that.

Because I respect the conditioning imprinted inside my brain, I did not even strive to have more money than what I have. 

But, as I become more mature, I realized that it’s a naive presumption. If you are literal about it, you can't buy happiness. But if you are practical, there are so many things you can do with money to make you happy. 

Let me share my personal opinion about this subject and I hope my article is useful. 

Here are some examples of what you can do with money and make a difference. And we will not be talking about some “billionaire” level activities here.

You can Sponsor a Scholarship

You can use your money to provide education to the less fortunate. This is one way of investing in something sustainable. Investing in education is sustainable because it reciprocates. When you help someone achieve their dreams of having a good education, you are providing that person opportunities for a better life. And I believe that your kindness will be passed on by that person. 

Thus, your beneficiary will continue the kindness of sending someone to school.

You can Donate one Meal to Someone in Need

$1 can provide one decent meal. You can offer a meal to someone who most needs it. 

What if you have hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars, then you can save more people from hunger. Doing this simple act is a good approach to making a difference with the money you have.

You can Organize Environmental Clean-up Drives

Aside from helping other people, you can use your money to help the environment. You can organize forest or beach clean-up. Though this task is better with voluntarism, getting people to volunteer requires money. You need to pay for promotion, transportation, and various basic materials for the clean-up. If you have the money, you can increase the scope of your program by having more hands to help.

You can set up a Start for Street Animals

If you love animals and have a genuine passion to save them, having money can help you achieve this goal. Aside from saving the lives of the animals, a shelter also protects the community.  An animal shelter can help prevent the spread of diseases and possible danger to life. 

An example is stray dogs. Stray dogs can carry rabies and are a danger to life if they attack, or cause vehicular accidents. The shelter helps the animals have a home, and prevent any incident in the community.

Finally, if you Have the Money you can Save Yourself

You can use the money to invest in yourself. To invest in good health. That’s the least you can do with your money, invest in your health, and avoid becoming a liability to your parents or someone close to you. Though health may sound simple, it can be expensive. If you have the money, you have the means to protect yourself from any diseases. And if you are healthy, you can enjoy more in life. You can be with your loved ones longer, and you see more of the world. And that, I'm sure can make anyone happy.

Final Thoughts About Money and Happiness

Money is not a golden standard to measure if someone is happy or not. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t spend it wisely and do something meaningful, you’d still feel awful. You will not find any contentment.

And if money can make someone evil? I believe that money is not the cause of the problem, rather it’s money that helped expose a bad version of the person. If you have a good heart, with money you can easily extend your kindness. But if you are someone evil, then the money is the quickest way to reveal a wolf wearing sheep's clothing.

I hope you've learned something from this article. And if you enjoyed reading, please do share it with someone.


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