Affiliate Marketing Exposed | The BIG SECRET of YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorials

The BIG SECRET of YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorials

Affiliate Marketing SecreExposed | The Big Secret of YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorials
Affiliate Marketing SecreExposed | The Big Secret of YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorials
If you’ve searched on YouTube the key phrase “How to make money online?”I'm sure you have encountered the topic of affiliate marketing. The search results promise that this is the easiest way to make money online, and all you need to do is share a bunch of links to make big bucks. 

But all these, is it true? Is affiliate marketing an easy way to make money online?

If you are curious about affiliate marketing and the YouTube tutorials on how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing, then you definitely need to read this. 

Like you, I’ve also watched those YouTube videos promising that this is an easy and profitable method to make money online. Profitable, yes it is. But easy? Most definitely not. 

And in this article, I’ll be discussing my personal opinion about the subject, and my personal opinion if making money with affiliate marketing is easy. 

I’ll be talking to you about their promises that you can receive affiliate commissions only by sharing links on Facebook and sending random people DM's with your link. And, let's talk about their promise that all the tools you need to succeed in affiliate marketing are FREE.

The basics of Affiliate marketing

Another word for affiliate marketing is referrals. The way these works is, you’ll receive a commission every time a sale is made through you. You don’t need to own inventory and process logistics. All you need to do is refer someone to the seller. And when a sale is made, you’ll be paid a commission. 

Almost all, if not all major brands use the affiliate marketing system. It’s beneficial to the brand owner because he is outsourcing a part of its sales team. 

And since affiliate marketing is a very famous topic, a lot of affiliate marketers themselves take advantage of those who are less aware. 

Sharing Links and sending links in Social Media

The affiliate program you will join will provide a link, and the tutorials we see on YouTube will tell us that you can share these links on Instagram and Facebook. And almost instantly you’d start receiving affiliate commission. The promotion they will give you is simple and easy.

  • You select a niche
  • You choose a product from your niche
  • Learn something about the product
  • Get your affiliate link
  • And share the link with your testimonial on Facebook

The same method applies to Instagram DM's and Facebook Messenger.

Is Affiliate Marketing as easy as sharing links?

Let me tell you now what’s wrong with this advice. 

Big social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are not affiliate link friendly. If you share your affiliate link on your Facebook wall, there is a huge chance your account will get shut down. Or, if you share your affiliate link through messenger, Facebook will detect your message as spam, and your account will be affected. Or even worse, your account will be deleted.

Secondly, your engagement is limited to your friends' list. Engagement means the people that will interact with your post. Even if you supplement your link with the most compelling story, there's still no guarantee that your friends will buy through the link you’ve posted.

To make affiliate marketing work, you need a lot of network traffic. Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. The more people clicking your link, your chances of making a sale will also increase.

Thus, directly sharing affiliate links on Facebook and Instagram is a bad idea because. This behavior may trigger the algorithm to shut down your account.

But why are they making affiliate marketing look very easy?

Now, here comes my personal opinion about the subject.

Most of the YouTubers doing affiliate marketing tutorials are selling affiliate marketing courses. They name their courses as the next level. Or, something that will make you thousands of dollars per day.

And the reason why they are making it look easy to make money online is to create a demand. When you try the methods they provided on their YouTube videos, it will create the fundamental interest in affiliate marketing inside your brain. But, the trick here is, the methods they will show you are not effective in making consistent money. And I think, most of them are only hypothetical ways to make money online and they only pieced the content together for YouTube. 

And now, here comes the sneaky part. Once you’ve tried their advice, you will experience failure in making consistent money. And this will lead you to frustration.

Then once you start to feel lost, the quickest thing that would come to your mind is the online courses that your YouTube mentor is selling. 

The YouTube videos were made to groom you to buy the affiliate marketing courses these YouTubers are selling. Each time you watch their tutorials, you are groomed to buy their courses. 

Let’s look at it this way, who would want to buy affiliate marketing courses? Of course, only people who are interested in affiliate marketing. And if you are the one selling, how would you make people interested in affiliate marketing? Of course, you introduce them to affiliate marketing. And how would they make them buy your expensive affiliate courses? Finally, you create the demand. And the demand will be from people who are interested in affiliate marketing that has already invested time with the FREE tutorials but has not seen success. 

What they are doing is clever, but sneaky. Sort of a black hat tactic.

Final Thoughts

I believe that affiliate marketing is a very profitable way to make money online. And I hope you've learned something from this article today. And I’m only giving my personal open about why they are making YouTube tutorials look very easy in making money online. 


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