BTS Biot | War Between the Anti and the Army

BTS Biot | War Between the Anti and the Army
Am I late for the “BTS Biot clout”? 

Well, I’ll provide my personal opinion about this topic and hopefully, others can learn something. 

And, I’ll be talking with the BTS army and the anti-BTS fans.

BTS Biot remark triggered a  lot of Loyal fans of the BTS army. So is BTS really “BIOT” or bayot? For those who are not familiar, BIOT or BAYOT is a Filipino (Bisaya) word for Gay. 

OK, I know that a lot of senseless words were also thrown in on top of the “BTS Biot” phrase. 

But I’ll be specific, are you angry because somebody called BTS Bayot?

My personal Opinion

If we take a look at how BTS wears their clothes, how they project, undeniably they look gay. They have this soft white skin, they wear colorful clothes, and they have make-up on their face. They look feminine on stage. But for the information of everyone, this doesn’t mean that they are gay. The Korean pop culture, to my observation, uses their physical appearance as a marketing strategy for their songs.

Clearly, most of them if not all, lip sync during their performances. And their songs are not that deep when it comes to meaning. And there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s just how pop songs work today, besides they are entertaining. Thus, to compensate for the lack of substance, songs are marketed as a trend using the appearances of the artist. And this is not just a K-Pop thing. Almost all music now uses this approach.

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Men are dressed as women so they are more relatable to women. It’s like having a bestie and bro at the same time. Most men are insensitive to make-up and clothes, thus the Korean boy band record labels brought us men that wear make-up and wear colorful clothes. 

If you’re a BTS fan, stop feeding fuel to the flame

And if you are a member of the BTS army, will you be angry if someone calls your idol gay? Is your being a fan rooted in the gender of the artist, or the song he sings and dances? Personally, I think we should all stop valuing homophobic comments because it’s only encouraging homophobes to react more. 

So what if, one of them is gay? What’s wrong with that? If you retaliate about a BTS biot comment, it’s similar to saying that something is wrong with a “Gay” singer. And really, if you love an artist for how he sings, dances, and basically how he performs, you will love him for who he or she is. I believe that this is emotionally efficient if this is how we think about our idols.

Let us all grow up

And to the anti-BTS. Let’s stop the homophobic comment. We are just adding weight to those who are afraid to come out. So what if someone is gay, I’m very sure you have a relative that belongs to the LGBTQ community, do you treat them differently? 

And as a personal opinion to KPOP music and BTS. No genre is superior to another. KPOP is not superior or inferior to other sub-culture of music, though they use lots of engineering in their song, that’s just how they are made today.


Final thoughts

And to close this blog, my song preference is punk and metal, and I tell you, BTS is not the first band to look like girls on stage, and have proven that they are actually men. Please check out the videos below to know that wearing makeup is common in the music industry.

Rock Bands that Look Like Girls:


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