Know me Lyrics | 8 Ballin Lyrics That no one Understood?

Know me Lyrics of the Group 8 Ballin. 

This is my personal opinion of 8 Ballin's lyrics of the song, Know Me.

This song is viral, and I believe that as of writing the views are still going up on YouTube, and more content creators are creating their content about it on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. 

Download Know me Lyrics Here

And in my personal opinion of the song Know Me, this song is just genius. Whoever thought about this deserves an “isang libong palakpakan"

You might ask, what am I trying to talk about? 

For the very obvious, what made you click and watch the video? For sure, it's not the looks of the artist or the meaning of the lyrics? 

And YES!!! Let’s all feel sorry for our behavior, we watched the video because we thought the singer had some sort of condition with his speech. 

We all clicked and shared the video because of how it was sung. 

When the song blew up on Facebook and TikTok, like blew up big time, we all dived in because it was unique. We were also made to wonder what the lyrics were. The artist mumbled words and it was really difficult to decipher. For me, this was the genius part. They were able to put something creative and fun inside a song. 

Perfectly putting a unique flavor that catches anyone’s attention.

Then the lyrics of the song came out and we all knew that the song was about getting drunk, and probably having sex afterward. Hopefully, there were no drugs. Alcohol is OK, drugs are bad.

I knew little of marketing, but the first step of selling is catching your customers' attention. And what they did with the chorus was the best example of how you catch your audience's attention. That was the hook that made us click and watched the video.

And, I believe that this song will open opportunities with the band, and they might be the next Ex-Battalion.

But, if you browsed on the other videos of the band on YouTube, they actually sounded OK. By saying OK, they sounded normal with no speech impairments. Thus, the “Ngongo” singing was part of a marketing strategy.

Attention is the currency of social media, and the group 8-Ballin with the song Know me was able to receive millions of that. I do hope that they will have the publicity they deserve and be recognized for the artist they are. 

Finally, to anyone who wants to produce a viral track, it’s my personal observation, that almost all famous songs of today are played either, in the G-minor pentatonic or A-# major pentatonic. And if you don’t know what that is, look it up at Google and ask your producer to write your jam within that scale. 

And that’s it, thank you so much for reading. This has been my reaction article to the song Know Me from the Band 8-Ballin, see you in the next article.


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