ABS - CBN 's Ang Probinsyano | It's all About the Ratings | Semi-Porn on Primetime

ABS CBN's Ang Probinsyano
ABS - CBN 's Ang Probinsyano | It's all About the Ratings | Semi-Porn on Primetime
ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsyano has aired another episode that contains sexually suggestive material. It’s very disappointing that a network such as ABS, with a big production crew, cannot think of a more conservative way to create a scene. 

The ratings of the show must be dipping and the entire crew is in desperate need of ratings.

Or, the entire production crew of Ang Probinsyano has lost their moral value. 

Ang Probinsyano’s time slot is after dinner time for most Filipino households. And in most families, after dinner, everyone will be gathered in front of the TV. Unlike the superstars of the show, most Filipinos are like mine. We have one small living area where the family gathers after dinner.

And here’s the point of this article, ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsyano airing episodes loaded with sexually suggestive material that should not be available to young children. Not everyone lives in a big house, with multiple television sets. 

Ok, one will argue that they will learn from it on the internet. But ABS - CBN as a more mature network should have stayed within their morals in making TV Shows that children can watch. 

I still have faith the Lopez-owned ABS- CBN has a strong moral value with their shows. And it is the staff of Ang Probinsyano who is hungry for the ratings and sacrificed the young minds of the children that watched the show. 

I hope that ABS - CBN will take action on this and make the show more family-friendly, just like how they brand the show to the public.


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