Dumaguete | The City of Gentle People has no Water?

Dumaguete Water District
Dumaguete | The City of Gentle People has no Water?
Dumaguete, you know the city right? I believe it has the best tag name, “The City of Gentle People”.

And what I am going to share here concerns the people of Dumaguete.

Let me share a story that received no immediate attention, and it might be something the government needs to talk about.

The City is running out of water supply.

I cannot remember when it started, but since the start of the lockdowns last March 2020, the City’s water district has failed to deliver a consistent and reliable flow of water to the houses of Dumaguete. 

The water utility provider has announced several maintenance issues with its pipeline and pumps. 

But is it really the root cause of the problem?

Because it has been more than a year, and the very slow and close to no water from the faucet seems to be prevalent in most houses. If this is a mechanical issue, then the management is very poor at addressing the concerns of its consumers. 

Such pumps and pipelines have spare components that can be bought from the market.

And Services on how to fix these machines are not rare. 

But what I’m concerned about, is it really a Mechanical issue or does Dumaguete have a shortage of water supply?

What if we have over-extracted water from the reservoir?

Why is it that when the internet slows down, everyone is enraged over the provider, but most people are mum about the issue of the water supply?

It’s good to note that the population of Dumaguete has increased in the last decade, and together with that are the construction of housing projects and commercial and industrial facilities that suck more water from the ground.

If you are reading this and you know someone from the Dumaguete City Government, please ask him to investigate this issue. 

Are we really facing poor management decisions of the utility water provider of Dumaguete, or are we having an environmental catastrophe?

And for everyone’s information, the water from the ground is not unlimited.


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