Motivational Story for Success | Hidilyn Diaz - The Filipino Olympic Gold Medalist

Motivational Story for Success | Hidilyn Diaz - The Filipino Olympic Gold Medalist
Motivational Story for Success | Hidilyn Diaz - The Filipino Olympic Gold Medalist
Hidilyn Diaz, the Philippines is celebrating her victory at the Tokyo Olympics. She bagged the very elusive gold medal and made history.

But aside from the medal, she has received, the people seem to be talking more about her prize. They do have good reason to talk about it because it could reach a whopping 100 million pesos together with brand endorsements. And I believe that the attention and the money she is receiving are well deserved.

But in this article, I would like to talk about two major points that some people might miss out on. Because of the highlight, we can only see the prize, but we might fail to recognize the journey. And if you pay close attention to Hidilyn Diaz’s victory, you can learn more about success, than weight lifting.

Success Requires Patience

Hidilyn competed in the Summer Olympics of 2008. During that competition, she received no medal. And if we only consider this part of the timeline towards her success, it took her 13 years to reach glory. Yes, it took her 13 years. 

We should recognize this part of the journey of Hidilyn and appreciate that success needs patience. Even though she did not receive victory during her first try, she persevered, worked hard, and eventually received the success she deserved. 

If you look at her entire career since 2008, you can see that she has been active and consistently improving.

There are two keywords here, and they are patience and consistency. But I emphasized more on patience because I believe that consistency is a by-product of patience. Thus, if we are going to pattern our life from Hidilyn’s success, we should start embodying patience. We all have our moments of glory. We just have to be patient enough to wait for that day.

Success Requires Teamwork

The fundamental saying here is, No Man is an Island. If you listen to her interview, she always makes it a point to thank her team and her coach. Deep in her, she knows that her victory is not a solo win, that her victory is brought by team effort. 

And I’m very sure that the concept of teamwork is not to you. But oftentimes we forget this very important factor of success. It might be from arrogance, especially when we are young, we have this big ego that we know everything. And this ego can prevent us from achieving success early on in life. 

Thus, if you want to take your game to a next level, you need to work with a team. Whatever career you want to pursue in life, it’s easier done when you working with people. Ideas and solutions can come up quicker. And your team members can provide feedback if something needs improving within your process. 

Final Thoughts, Hidilyn Diaz, Olympic Gold Medalist

She deserves all the fame in the world for her achievement. She has worked very hard and dedicated more than a decade of her life to the sport to entertain us and bring glory to the Philippines. And as we are celebrating, we should not only focus on her day of glory. But we should also look back on the days of her journey. Her journey to success is a good source of inspiration. That in life, we can achieve the success we want, if we have patience, and learn to leverage the power of teamwork.


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