Dumaguete City | How Would you Know if it's Election Season?

Dumaguete City Election
Dumaguete City | How Would you Know if it's Election Season?

Christmas is not the only season prepared early in the Philippines. There’s a second seasonal celebration that a few and wealthy people prepare early. And this is no other than the election season.

Christmas and election day have one thing in common here in the Philippines, it’s a season of both giving and receiving. 

But how would you know if the election season is near?

For Christmas, you would know because the weather becomes colder, and substandard Christmas lights flood the shopping malls. 

For election season, everything can be seen on social media. It’s now frequent to see mudslinging from trolls, professional shot vlogs, and podcasts of politicians.

But one gimmick has been consistent with the politicians here in Dumaguete. This tactic is around even during the pre-social media era. 

And this is the very obvious early morning “Puto” and “Tsokolate” at the public market. 

As of writing, it’s already election season. And we are now starting to see posts of politicians enjoying the local morning “painit” at the Dumaguete public market. Rich politicians, enjoying a 50 pesos snack while openly chatting with locals and asking about their issues with the city. Connecting with their constituents during election season. 

But for someone who is not from Dumaguete, if you happen to visit here, visit the “painitan” very early in the morning and order a Pandesal with Egg, Puto, and a nice hot cup of “Sari-Sari”. Sari-Sari is a blend of Cocoa, Coffee, Milk, and Sugar. 

Though I have no way of telling the sincerity of these politicians to serve Dumaguete City, but you can definitely ask yourself, why only during election season? In my personal opinion, consistency matters when we choose our leaders. It’s important that the person leading the city is a human being who has genuine care for the masses.

But if that politician only shows up in public places when it’s election day, is that person even sincere in wanting to help? 

Since election season is here, the gimmicks from different politicians would now start to show up. As a Dumagueteno, I do hope Dumaguete will elect the politicians capable of helping the city improve. There's still a long way to go before election, and let's wait and see on what these politicians will do to be noticed.

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