Voltes V: Legacy - An Epic Ride TV Series Adaptation by GMA Network

This is a Voltes V Legacy pre-release TV Series review.
Voltes V: Legacy - An Epic Ride TV Series Adaptation by GMA Network

GMA Network is making a TV adaptation series of the famous anime classic Voltes-V.

The adaptation is titled Voltes-V Legacy and is set to be released anytime in the Year 2022. For someone who grew up watching the anime version, this looks wildly exciting. Finally, we will get to see the hero robot once again protecting the Earth and defeating bad guys. Voltes-V Legacy also has a Filipino cast which adds more thrill to the excitement. 

But, as excited as I am, a small portion of thought remains in my mind that this may be another disappointment. Voltes-V Legacy can either be an epic ride or just a repeat of Victor Magtanngol. For the past two decades, GMA Network has not seemed to invest in quality Computer Generated (CG) Effects. Notably the famous snake scene of Victor Magtanngol among many others. Aside from the poor CG Effect, we should also look out for inappropriate make-up. A very common example of this is a “wasteland: type of scene, but the actors are powdered as if they are attending a wedding. And finally, depressing fight scenes choreography led by the shaking of the camera. I’m not sure who started that idea, but he must know that shaking of the camera makes an action scene look like a comedy skit.

CG Effects, Make-up, and Realistic fights are only three important factors that should be present in GMA Network’s Voltes-V Legacy TV Series adaptation. This will sort off redeem themselves from the past epic failures of their fantasy-themed TV-Series. Poor execution of these important factors of a TV Adaptation of Voltes-V by GMA Network degrades the value of the film, and at some point shames the creator's legacy.

But overall, I am excited to watch Voltes-V Legacy in any of the timeslots of GMA Network. The TV adaptation is an important step towards making high-quality series for the audience. This quick shift may finally end the saga of drama during primetime and challenge Philippine TV Network to explore other genres of film. Voltes-V Legacy is indeed a series to watch out for as it is a nostalgic gift to the grown-ups that miss the hero robot.

But until it will be released and be judged for, we just hope that the Voltes-V Legacy of GMA Network is as good as its YouTube trailer.


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