Dumaguete City | Death Star, The Artificial Sun of China

The Artificial Sun of China

You’ve read that correctly, an Artificial Sun. China has built and tested Artificial Sun. 

But the application of this technology is not to replace the actual Sun. Though it’s cool to think of it that way since China is a Superpower. But, China’s Artificial Sun has a more powerful purpose. It  is a Nuclear Fusion Reactor. A Tokamak Fusion Reactor.

It’s a massive nuclear fusion reactor called Artificial Sun. The Artificial Sun has reportedly generated temperatures 10 times hotter than the Sun’s surface. 

If you wear your conspiracy hat, do you think this is a death star that China will use to conquer the world? 

Well, my opinion is different from that. As you see, energy or electricity will be a problem in the future. 

We don’t want coal because it’s not sustainable and has damaging effects on the planet's temperature. Even China is distancing itself from the use of coal, or operating coal power plants and looking for better sources. Renewable energy sounds so fantastic, but it may not be enough for first world countries who gobble up megawatts like a black hole. The next option is to go nuclear.

In the 1930’s, scientists have known that the Sun and other stars use Nuclear Fusion to create energy. And they theorized, if safely replicated on Earth, it can be a source of clean and sustainable energy. Up until now, nuclear reactors operate using the Nuclear Fission process or the splitting of the atom. 

If China can operate the Artificial Sun to power a city, it’s an event equal to the release  of the iPhone during the era of resistive screens mobile. It will be a major breakthrough. They can choose to sell it to the world or keep it to themselves and speed up their country’s growth.

Only China knows how much they’ve achievaed in terms of using the Artificial Sun to power a city. But one thing is certain, China has successfully created a technology that mimics the Sun. Hence the name Artificial Sun. And we may be looking at one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century.

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