Dumaguete City | President Duterte Stay-At-Home Order for Unvaccinated Person

Dumaguete City | President Duterte Stay-At-Home Order for Unvaccinated Person

President Duterte Stay-At-Home Order 

Dumaguete City - President Duterte has given orders to request unvaccinated people to stay at home. He’s empowering the Barangay Captains to convince their constituents to stay at home if they’re not vaccinated, and may only leave their houses for essential activities. Or risk getting arrested for violating this order.

This is a strong statement from the President of the Philippines, and one that is necessary.

What made the president decide to issue a stay-at-home order for unvaccinated Filipino citizens? Well, we may not have the exact reason why. But here are some simple logic that might be the explanation of the stay-at-home order:

Covid-19 Will Plague the Country

A rise of the Covid-19 cases after the Holidays was evident. Christmas and New Year gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate, and some of us might have been too reckless. Lowering your guard down against Covid is a mistake that you might pay with your life, especially now that there is a new variant that is as contagious and deadly as its preceding versions.

The most vulnerable people against  Covid-19 are the ones who are not vaccinated. Letting these people loose can cause another outbreak that the country’s health system cannot afford. Covid-19 is very expensive. The Philippines has limited resources to fight against the menacing virus. Thus, it’s rightful to limit the movement of the unvaccinated to essential activities only. 

Covid-19 Vaccines in the Philippines are About to Expire

This stay-at-home order for the unvaccinated might just be a brilliant tactic to encourage more people to get vaccinated. Covid vaccines have their expiration dates. And the ones we bought from borrowed money in 2020 might expire in 2022. 

The goal of the Philippines was to have 70% of its citizens fully-vaccinated by the end of the Year 2021. But as of writing, we are only at 47 %. For sure, the expiration dates were included in the consideration when they set the target of 70 %. And we may have a backlog of 20% that is roughly 14 million doses or 2 Billion pesos. That is an amount of money that the country cannot afford to waste. And if it will be wasted, it will be a waste with an interest.

It’s difficult to convince some Filipinos to get vaccinated. Threatening to remove their freedom or send them to jail, might work to increase the vaccination rate.

For the Love of Mankind, Philippines - Get Vaccinated

If you’re one of those stubborn people and don’t believe in science, please get vaccinated. Enforcing your ego’s wrong information will endanger the lives of many. The effectiveness of the vaccine to fight against the Covid virus has an expiration inside the body. One full dose of the vaccine doesn’t mean a lifetime of protection. And if the Philippines will not achieve its vaccination target, it may risk returning to a cycle when the vaccination rate is near zero.


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