Dumaguete City | Covid-19 is Here to Stay in the Philippines, and we Will Lose our Jobs

Covid-19 will cause a lot of people to lose their jobs in the Philippines
Dumaguete City | Covid-19 is Here to Stay in the Philippines, and we Will Lose our Jobs
Covid-19 is Here to Stay in the Philippines

Covid-19 will not be leaving. If you’re still hoping that everything will go back to the way things were, think again. Because as what we are seeing, that’s not going to happen any time soon. 

The Covid-19 Virus and First World Countries

A virus has the capability to create new versions of itself when it transfers to different hosts. Like if Covid will infect someone, then that person passes it on to another person, and if this process is repeated several thousands of times, it will create new versions of itself. Such as what was heard with Delta and Omicron. Poor countries like the Philippines are closely preventing these transmissions because we cannot afford a breakout. But for first-world countries, they allow big gatherings, they let their citizens walk around without facemasks, and basically let the virus create new versions of itself. And it’s my personal opinion that it’s easier to catch Covid in America compared to the Philippines.

The Covid-19 Virus, and the Philippines

The United States and similar first-world countries can take risks because they can purchase or make the vaccines. Their health care system is very capable of managing a pandemic, and basically, they have the means to control an outbreak. But for the Philippines, we may as well rely on faith healing such as the necklace air purifier that is ripping off online shoppers. And we allow foreigners to bring new Covid-19 variants to the country because the Philippines loves prostituting its beaches through tourism. Tourism is the pimp of the Philippines ’ natural resources.

Our Back-up Plan Against Covid-19, Losing Jobs

What I would like to share here is, new variants of Covid-19 will continue to emerge because rich countries that are more worried about their economies will allow Covid to create new versions of itself. And if you’re that poor citizen of the Philippines, like myself, we better start thinking of new ways to make a living. Let us stop hoping that everything will be back to the way things were. If you’re job or means of making a living is dependent on when people gather and move from place to place, you better start reassessing your skills and find different sources of income. It’s my personal opinion that transportation, hotel, and tourism will remain restrained and may never experience its pre-Covid abundance. 

Though this is only my personal opinion and it’s not backed by any “authorized” statistics, preparing for the worst is practical in any situation in life. Even sectors outside transportation, hotel, and tourism suffered great financial loss. And when these corporations lose profit successively, they will start to lay off employees. Either the two of us will be next that would pack bags and head out. This is not meant to scare you, but fear is a great motivator to start being active and stop being passive.

Can we Expect to Experience the Life Before Covid-19?

For me, the only way that the Filipinos can regain freedom outside and fear-free of Covid, is when all of these will happen:

  • A pill to cure Covid=19 will be available 
  • 90 % of the Filipinos will be vaccinated 
  • Public hospital Covid-19 bed capacity will increase by 100 %, 
  • And affordable Covid-19 medical treatment is accessible for everybody 

And if these will not happen next year, we better look for different ways to earn a living. What we are experiencing now is the new normal, and it’s the situation that we should calibrate our behaviors with. And not the experience we had in 2019 backward.

We may Lose our Jobs, but Let's Not Lose Hope

I’m optimistic though that if some sectors will close, new opportunities will open. And these new opportunities are occasions we should anticipate and prepare for. 

Thank you so much for reading, and hopefully, you’ve gained useful insights from my personal opinion about Covid-19. Stay safe and Covid-19 free, and I hope to see you again reading one of my articles.


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