Dumaguete City | Why it's Important to Vote in the Coming Year 2022 Philippines Presidential Election?

Why it's Important to Vote in the Coming Year 2022 Presidential Election?

The Year 2022 Philippines Presidential Election

The Year 2022 Presidential Election is as exciting as the previous. We have a former boxing champion, a prominent actor, a former general charged with murder, a son of a dictator, and a widow who wants to prevent the return of the dictator’s son back to power. In my 16 years of experience as a voting citizen, this year’s presidential election is a showdown of all-stars. 

All presidential candidates have interesting backgrounds behind them. And every Filipino should cast in their votes to help the Nation have a better leader for the future.

And why should every Filipino vote in this coming election? 

Two (2) Important Reasons Why you Should Vote

We have two main reasons to answer that question. First, this is the perfect chance to speak out and choose the best person who can lead the nation. And, the government is using our taxes for this exercise. They're using your money, might as well enjoy the privilege's.

The Philippines Needs a Smart President

The Philippines have serious problems that need bright solutions. We have poverty, terrorism, drugs, the West Philippine Sea, and a ballooning national debt. The laws and the physical assets of the nation, like a working machine, is capable of resolving these problems. But, it needs the steering of someone who is smart. Someone who knows the actual state of the country. Someone who can provide clear direction to every department on what to do. The president is not a one man band in working to provide solutions. But he has control over the departments who will do the work.

And the most complex problem the next President will face is the ballooning debt of the Philippines. For the most part of Duterte’s administration, the Philippines borrowed money to improve its infrastructure. Such example, are bridges, roads networks, and airports. The completion of these projects would generate revenue for the country. It can either be through tourism, ease of transport of domestic product, and attract investors. But when the pandemic happened, it slowed down everything. And it may have slowed down also the flow revenue from these projects. Which can mean, a loss of income to pay the country's debt. And to make things worse, the country needed to borrow more money to combat the Covid-19 crisis. The previous knee high-debt, has now reached waist deep.

This makes it critical to choose a leader who knows how the economics of the country works. Aside from having the vision to lead the nation, our new leader should know how mathematics work in the nation's piggy-bank. Because debt has a very evil effect on the poor. When lawmakers can’t figure out how to pay the country’s debt, much more the new President, it will cut-off budget from departments. And often times if not all, Education and Health are sacrificed. Every Filipino citizen are entitled with the highest quality of education and health from the government. But unfortunately, it becomes the number one sacrifice because of National Debt.

Choose your Leader Wisely

Thus, going out to vote in this coming year 2022 election is our opportunity to elect a leader with the technical capability of resolving the very clear problems of the country. Don’t rely only social media, and make a short research for yourself on who among the presidentiables has a solid background of public service, and has knowledge about economics. This is the perfect time you make a stand on what you believe is the truth, and vote wisely.


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