Dumaguete City | 6 Simple Reasons Why People Will Vote for Bongbong Marcos?

Dumaguete City | 6 Simple Reasons Why People Will Vote for Bongbong Marcos?
Bongbong Marcos or BBM is leading the polls in social media as the next president of the Philippines. Many supporters of the dictator’s son believe he is a good leader, while others are voting for BBM on reasons not relating to good leadership.

And in this article, let us talk about six (6) simple reasons why people are voting for Bongbong Marcos or BBM:

  1. He is the Son of His Father. Many still believe that the Marcos Sr. era was the golden years of the Philippines. Though almost all textbooks tell a different story, many Filipinos admire Marcos Sr. for the good that he has done to the country, and choose to forget the reasons why the Philippines is in extreme debt. And because of this type of admiration, being the son of his Father, many Filipinos believe that Marcos Jr. is also a good leader. They see BBM as a visionary, and a leader who is just, someone who is here to unite the people, and someone who can continue the works of President Rodrigo Duterte.

  1. He is not Dilawan. Dilawan or mostly related to the Liberal Party is being blamed by many Filipinos as the reason why they are poor. All the inadequacies of the Government are brought by the Liberal Party, the Aquino’s, and ABS-CBN. At least, this is the voice of most BBM supporters on Facebook. And also the voice of radio commentators that have been consistently parroting this narrative. Thus, being the red and not the yellow, gives people hope. They believe that Bongbong Marcos will stir this country to greatness, and correct all the mistakes the Dilawans have brought to the Philippines.

  1. He is the next Duterte. BBM is also seen as a strong leader. A man with an iron fist. Someone who will not fold from pressures of Super Power Nations, and someone who is determined in disciplining the Filipinos. The tough leadership character of Duterte has been his number one feature, and the reason why Filipinos love him. He is a leader that mostly walks his talks. Or really tries to live up to his promise. His achievements and experience were ripe before even taking a national seat. And that might be different to the political story of BBM. He has been criticized for lying about his degree, claiming credit to be the brainchild of the wind farms in Ilocos Norte, and having some trouble at the BIR. But all of these do not matter to the Bongbong Marcos supporters. And for them, they are convinced that he is the next Duterte.

  1. BBM is not a woman. Misogyny is alive inside Filipino culture. Many Filipinos, even women themselves, believe that women are not fit to lead a nation. The memory of the late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was being admired for her intelligence and contribution to the Philippine government. But intelligence was proven to be not enough when she lost to ERAP during the 1998 elections. I was in grade school back then, but I can still remember remarks saying that women are not fit to lead, and many were accusing her of having mental issues. And I do believe that she was the best president the country never had. The misogynistic behavior of the Filipinos will favor Bongbong Marcos in the year 2022 elections, because of the simple reason that he is not a woman.

  1. He is winning in the Facebook Polls. The power of suggestion is indeed very powerful. Because BBM is winning on Facebook polls, many will vote for him. They equate this victory on Facebook as a measure of BBM’s character. BBM is winning on Facebook, therefore he might be a good leader. For someone who works with Social Media, it’s very clear that trolls operate inside the polls. You can see the comment section being flooded with trolls. You can’t even voice out your own opinion without being bombarded by senseless verbal attacks. Bongbong Marcos maintains that he is not funding trolls, nor he is promoting trolls for his campaign. But for some reason, there are several trolls supporting him inside the comment section in all Social Media platforms. And to whoever is paying them, only God knows who. But, the Facebook trolls have already succeeded. The victory of BBM inside Facebook polls has convinced many Filipinos that he is the leader to vote, and they are also convinced that BBM is the next president of the Philippines.

  1. He is a good guy. BBM is consistent in maintaining a character that aims to unite the Filipinos. He has been saying that it's time to forget the past, it’s time to set aside political differences, and only focus on helping the Filipino people. 

Setting aside political differences might be the reason why he declines to be present at the presidential debates.

And he has been believable. Many Filipinos believe that he is indeed a good guy. That he is indeed here to unite all Filipinos, and help Filipinos recover from poverty.

That's it. Your six reasons why the Filipinos will vote for Bongbong Marcos in the coming Year 2022 presidential elections. BBM’s candidacy is surrounded by controversies, but it’s not slowing down his popularity. 

And to all Filipinos out there, don't forget to go to the poll precincts for this coming Year 2022 elections, and let us all vote wisely.


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