Dumaguete City | Hackers Cancels the Year 2022 Elections

Hackers cancel the Year 2022 Philippines Elections

That would be one hell of a headline. Someone is implying that if his brother loses again in the election, then he is cheated.

If we examine deeply, this train of thought has other meanings.

First, it can mean that President Duterte cheated on the Year 2016 elections and won the presidency. It would be unfair to say that the cheating was only done in the Vice-presidency and other positions because this lacks absolute sense. If a genius wants to rig the elections on a massive scale, why target the vice-presidency?

If you believe that the Year 2016 election was rigged, then you are good as saying that President Duterte won through cheating. Which is very unlikely!

Second, this could also devalue the efforts being made by President Duterte in the coming election. The president has given his commitment that this year’s election would be a clean one. And a clean election is something he should ensure because his daughter is running for the second-highest political seat in the country. 

Final Thoughts!

In my personal opinion, it would be very unlikely that there will be cheating or rigging of the Year 2022 elections. The political party who is barking loudly on this issue has felt the threat that even with their lead on the surveys, their probability of losing is high.


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