Dumaguete City | The Russian Kindness and the Filipino Facebook Users

Russia is making its advances inside Ukraine, and they are using violence to take over the country.

More needs to be read to fully understand the roots of Ukraine and Russia conflict. But one thing is certain, an unprovoked war is not a gesture of kindness.

Recently, Facebook contents are coming out and they are blaming the Americans to be the cause of the war. These posts are somewhat designed to justify the act of war by Russia on Ukraine.

And these posts have been shared on walls and the story’s with some of many Filipino Facebook Users. 

But if you make a short examination on the accounts from which the posts originated, it will be very clear that it is a propaganda Page. A propaganda Page for me is a Facebook Page account that fabricates one-sided manipulated stories aimed to alter history, or aimed to support one persona. It will be very clear inside the account because the Page will be posting about one topic alone.

And this is a sad story of the current Social Media users of the Philippines.

A lot of Filipinos tend to believe in Headlines, and will not even bother reading the content and checking if what is written is true or not. And for extreme posts supporting violence, Filipinos will not even bother looking at the profile of the source of information and are quick to share when the content has many preceding comments and shares.

Filipinos process Facebook information highly on suggestive graphics and the power of suggestion. And when a Facebook is shared by many, then it must be true. Thus, it's easier to manipulate Filipino support through the use of Facebook Trolls. 

The current invasion of Russia to Ukraine is painful to watch, but the responses of some Filipinos on Facebook are even more disappointing. 

There’s no justification for war and killing innocent people. Even if it was true that the United States of America provoked the war between Russia and Ukraine, it was Russia who made the first shot. It was Russia who made the first kill. And if Russia truly sees Ukraine as a partner, then persuasion should’ve gone through diplomatic dialogue and not through the use of military weaponry.

And for the Filipinos, let us give our prayers for the two Nations in crisis, and let us pray that they would arrive at a resolution with no more innocent lives lost. And please, think before you click. Use a short moment to investigate if what you are about to share on Facebook is meaningful or something that is designed to hurt.


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