Dumaguete City | Sangguniang Kabataan, a Redundancy Devaluing Barangay Officials

Dumaguete City | Sangguniang Kabataan, a Redundancy Devaluing Barangay Officials

Sangguniang Kabataan ng Pilipinas

It’s difficult to find a clear purpose of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK). This is not only my own personal opinion, but it is also the sentiment of others who have not seen or felt its value in society. The SK council is a redundant political system that can be used to breed corrupt politicians at a very young age.

Though others may have different opinions about this matter, please try to understand the perspective I wish to share. 

It’s redundant, and needs to be abolished

The SK activities that I was able to witness are feeding programs and sportsfest. These are simple activities that can be facilitated by the Barangay officials. The Barangay Captain, and even the Councilors alone, are very capable of implementing such programs.  If the goal is to empower the youth, the Barangay Councilors can invite the youth to join. 

And there is no direct use of an SK Council as a middle person. 

Creating a redundant function will only delay processes and increase government expenses.

And this will lead me to the main point, and the word is redundancy. This is very obvious in many government offices. Not all hands are busy because they do not have a clear function. In private corporations, redundant positions are terminated, while in the Government it's being tolerated. 

My comment is not meant to devalue the power of the Youth. What I am only trying to point out is, the SK Federation is a redundant system. Its function can be handled by the Barangay council. Creating redundancy in the Government should not be tolerated to save on expenses. The function of the Barangay Officials does not limit any age, which makes the youth under their commitment to serve.

It’s a breeding ground for corruption

It’s very common to hear trips to the beach, street parties, free meals, and will even go as far as paying young voters for the SK Chairman seat. It can be the parents' ego to ensure that their child will win, or corruption in politics is part of Filipino Culture. Either way, the  Sangguniang Kabataan  has been influenced by corrupt adults and they are passing their torch to young leaders. Political families can also use the SK as a part of the family succession program. From SK Chairman, to City Councilor, and so on. 

Final Thoughts, Sangguniang Kabataan

The Sangguniang Kabataan sounds like a great idea in theory but failed to provide clear value in society. 

It's used to train young corrupt politicians as successors of their evil elders. But, that statement is addressed only to the SK Chairmans who agreed with their parents to buy votes, and to all SK Chairmans who only ran for the family name and not for the commitment to serve. 

And appreciation to all youth leaders who used their talents to help. To all youth leaders who were strong to stand against corruption. Though, I can see that there’s little good in the  Sangguniang Kabataan , it’s also time to abolish this youth council and give their function to the Barangay Officials.


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