Dumaguete City | The Black Slaves of the East, A Place of Retirement

Dumaguete City a place where foreigners can retire
Dumaguete City | The Black Slaves of the East, A Place of Retirement

The Black Slaves of the East. That is the English translation of the province name Negros Oriental, which recently headlined the national news when it had two seated Provincial Governors after the 2022 elections. 

Naming the province Negros Oriental was out of oppression by the Spanish invaders. The name still stands after more than 300 years as a bitter reminder that all sins have been forgotten and forgiven.

Today, Dumaguete City, the capital city of Negros Oriental is recognized as one of the best cities to retire for foreigners. And this is the topic of my article, why Dumaguete City is the best city to retire for foreigners.

There are Beautiful Young Women

Foreigners do not want to live the rest of their lives alone. Most of them are seeking quality companions from young beautiful Filipina women. And the city of Dumaguete attracts young girls from different places on the Negros Island. Young Pinay women that foreigners can start a relationship. Lastly, the Dumaguete culture widely accepts interracial unions. This gives foreigners a bigger chance of landing quality relationships with a young Filipina.

It Feels Like Home

Small pubs and shops themed to foreign culture are plenty around the city. A space for foreigners to reconnect with friends. Newcomers can also visit these places to learn from the experiences of those who have already decided to localize.

It is a Small City Complete with Everything you Need

I describe Dumaguete as compact and complete. Everything you need is within walking distance. Car parts, hardware, grocery, and the big malls are about a few meters away from one another.

It is a Take-off place for Beautiful Tourist Locations

There is no beautiful beach or a tourist attraction inside the city of Dumaguete. But, Dumaguete is your take-off point when visiting Siquijor, go scuba diving on Apo Island, swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, greet the dolphins of Manjuyod or go nature trekking in Valencia. Those locations are beautiful tourist destinations. And all of them are only a few minutes away from Dumaguete. 

What Dumaguete has though, are affordable hotels and AirBnB to allow you to experience nature in the morning and enjoy city life in the evening.

It has Prominent Universities

Foreigners who retire and bring their family, or retire and start a new family here, are assured of quality education. 

Silliman University and St. Paul University are prominent universities that provide quality education for students. Aside from the two, Dumaguete also has Foundation University, best known for sports and their law school, NORSU, the state university best known for producing top notch engineers, and Asian College in the field of Information Technology.

Foreigners can have a family here without worrying about sending their children away to study.

It has an Airport and Sea Port

If you want to travel or return home, the airport is at the boundary of Sibulan and Dumaguete, and the port is at the center of Dumaguete. Unlike staying in a different town or city of Negros Oriental, you still need to travel to Dumaguete if you have a trip outside the province. 

Access to the airport and port is a big convenience for any foreigner who decides to retire in Dumaguete City.

You can Own a Home at a Much Cheaper Price

As of writing, you can still buy a piece of land in the city outskirts for only 2,000/sqm. These locations are only 15 minutes away from the heart of the city. And are very much accessible by car or motorcycle. Or, you can buy housing units from developed subdivisions like the ones from Azumi. Or, if you decide to rent, you can rent an entire house or apartment unit for as low as 8,000 per month. 

Finding a perfect place to stay is easy in Dumaguete.

It is Safe

The Dumaguete PNP is taking care of the people’s safety. Since Dumaguete City is a known tourist hub and a University capital, the police are attentive to preventing the existence of crime. In a web article from Numbeo, the crime index of Dumaguete is 33.81, or generally safe to walk alone in the city at night.

The Capital city of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City

Dumaguete is a perfect city to settle in. Either you’re a foreigner or not. It’s compact and complete, and everything is accessible almost in one place. If you want to enjoy city living with access to the beautiful creations of nature, relocate to Dumaguete now. It is the City of Gentle People and the capital city of the province of The Black Slaves of the East.


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