Pinay Teachers as Strippers on TikTok - Sabak Daddy by Cookie$

Pinay Teachers as Strippers on TikTok - Sabak Daddy by Cookie$

The song Sabak Daddy by Cookie$ has blown across all social media platforms, but most prominently on TikTok. The song lyrics have no special meaning. The popularity of the Bisaya track relies on its catchy beat and sexually suggestive music video. 

It is not complex and suggests sex, two ingredients that catapulted Sabak Daddy to success.

All the best to Mr. Cookie$ for making a successful hip-hop novelty. 

The song Sabak Daddy has 4.6-M views on YouTube, but most of its success comes from TikTok. It has become a month-long dance trend among TikTok users, and this is where my opinion comes from. 

Almost everybody knows that a lot of money can be made from Social Media. You can say goodbye to your day job if you have thousands of followers. There is serious money in being famous on TikTok. The main reason professionals are encouraged to make videos to grow a community inside the platform, and this includes teachers. 

Teachers are now on TikTok making videos. 

But instead of making videos about education, since they are wearing their school uniforms, they instead make sexy videos to catch the attention of Social Media goers. And that includes the dance trend popularized by Cookies, Sabak Daddy. 

Sabak Daddy is a song about prostitution. It’s about a young girl who needs money and turns to her sugar daddy to afford whatever she wants. The dance challenge is even suggestive of sitting on the lap, which girls do at strip clubs when they entertain their customers. 

Is that how low teachers are now? Are they not paid well that they downgrade so much their moral value and join dance challenges that promote prostitution? Though prostitution is a well-accepted profession by society, I don’t think it was a first-choice career. 

And I don’t think it is a profession that teachers should promote. 

You see, teachers, you should remain an example of high moral value. Though no one prevents you from opening your inner sexuality, there’s a proper place for that, and most definitely not on the widespread public internet. 

Sabak Daddy dance challenge is sexually suggestive. It is a song about prostitution. It is a song about sex.

It’s just my personal opinion that there are other ways teachers can explore to gain more followers on TikTok, rather than dancing like strippers. 

I hope the Philippines Department of Education will take action and reorient how teachers should behave. And not wait until a teacher uploads a dancing video on a stripper pole while wearing the teacher's uniform.


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