Dumaguete City | LTO On Fire

It was nothing but madness. 

The Dumaguete police was called to pacify the crowd after becoming too agitated and inpatient. And around 10-AM when the police left, the tension was still there. The security guard had to shout just to calm the people down.

Thankfully, I was able to receive my 10-year validity drivers license today(November 04, 2022), after 8-months of waiting and three scheduled visits at the LTO.

The employees can be seen working hard to process the renewals and applications. However, it’s very clear that LTO public service needs improvement.

If given the chance to recommend, here are simple ways the LTO Dumaguete can improve their services to the people of Negros Oriental:

  1. Hire an actual receptionist. The LTO gave this task to the security guard. The LTO is unguarded most of the days since the guard is too busy entertaining applications. Though he is showing good effort, it is not his job. While there’s one personnel that looks like a receptionist inside, comfortably sitting inside an Air Conditioned building, the guard is outside absorbing the heat. Heat from the sun and from the people.

  2. Adapt digital solutions. Simple digital solutions where people can book a schedule for applications and renewal. Most of us fall in line as early as 2-AM. We, as paying taxpayers for the LTO, deserve a little bit of comfort and updated service.

  3. Eliminate the fixers. The LTO has claimed to rid-off fixers from their department. But, clearly, there are still fixers outside roaming on motorcycles. And if you talk to the ladies at the drug testing centers, you will receive offers of “10K all-in”. Which means, when you pay 10,000 pesos, you can receive your driver's license without any hustle.

  4. Build a waiting shed. Digital solutions are pretty much impossible as of now in Philippine government offices. Constructing a waiting shed where people can comfortably wait slightly compensates that extreme effort in falling in line.

I am happy that my ordeal in renewing my drivers license is over. Somehow, I am very hopeful that things will change in the LTO. In my level of training, the deficiency inside the department is caused by leadership. Leaders who don’t even bother to look outside and show some empathy to the waiting people.

And leaders who are privileged not to fall in line when renewing their licenses or vehicle registrations.

The ease of service inside the LTO is a simple wish that may not come into reality anytime soon. But, I sure hope it will, someday.


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