3 Reasons | Why you Should Keep your Kids Away From TikTok?


Why you should not allow your children on TikTok
3 Reasons Why you Should Keep your Kids Away From TikTok?

TikTok is the newest hype social media platform. It allows users to share videos to an audience and connect with people around the world. For most businesses and pro-content creators, TikTok is a big platform because it still has that native organic reach.

But aside from Business and content creators, TikTok is attracting users from all spectrums, including kids. And most of these kids, I would guess, are producing and consuming content without guidance of parents or an adult.

Now here’s why you should keep your kids away from TikTok.

TikTok is a Soft Version of PornHub

Unlike Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, TikTok’s algorithm is new and it still needs improvement on what contents are served to audiences of young ages. Thus, content that promotes nudity and violence's are not filtered appropriately. 

Many content creators are projecting themselves as sex symbols to attract followers. I know that there is a lot of debate when we try to define what’s appropriate or not. But if you’re a parent, would you allow your child to watch videos with women shaking their boobs, dancing but wearing no bra, and shaking their ass?

Some of the content creators are a few inches away from pornography. 

TikTok is has the Worst Toxic Users

This is just a personal opinion, but TikTok is full of users that are so confident with themselves, that they don’t care about a child’s mental and emotional well being when responding to comments. Only in TikTok have I observed such a high level of aggression  over a personal opinion of something.

A simple opinion can quickly escalate into a heated debate inside the platform. 

Because real identities are very much hidden, keyboard warriors are very brave and insensitive behind the screen.

TikTok Makes you Look Perfect

What I mean here is the TikTok camera algorithm. It's my own opinion that there is a psychological impact on people who use camera filters to make them look beautiful. And at the same time, the users watching their videos will also have an effect as well.

The default video upload on TikTok is already software aided. The software removes the imperfections on our face. We are not even using the filter yet, but TikTok is already making us look “perfect” and young. Or, so we thought and felt. And this right here creates a wrong interpretation of how beauty and a face should be. 

It takes a mature mindset to appreciate imperfections, and to accept that real beauty is with flaws.

And if a child is fed by these false images of a human face, they might  understand these as normal. And if their actual appearance in the real world does not match what they see on TikTok, it creates a strong tension in their brain. They might feel depressed because they will look at their own natural self as flawed. Or worse, they might try to change how they look just to match the expectation of society.

Final Thoughts About TikTok

TikTok, for me, is still new in the social media space. And I think TikTok as a company is in the process of moderating and educating content creators to be more responsible for what they post on the internet. And until TikTok will be able to make these very important changes in the algorithm, you as a parent should step in and control your child's consumption of content on the platform.

And if you can't be by your child’s side to give him or her guidance, then you should keep your kids away from TikTok.

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