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Dumaguete City | How Would you Know if it's Election Season?

Dumaguete City | How Would you Know if it's Election Season? Christmas is not the only season prepared early in the Philippines. There’s a second seasonal celebration that a few and wealthy people prepare early. And this is no other than the election season. Christmas and election day have one thing in common here in the Philippines, it’s a season of both giving and receiving.  But how would you know if the election season is near? For Christmas, you would know because the weather becomes colder, and substandard Christmas lights flood the shopping malls.  For election season, everything can be seen on social media. It’s now frequent to see mudslinging from trolls, professional shot vlogs, and podcasts of politicians. But one gimmick has been consistent with the politicians here in Dumaguete. This tactic is around even during the pre-social media era.  And this is the very obvious early morning “Puto” and “Tsokolate” at the public market.  As of writing, it’s already election season

Dumaguete City | The Broken Rice

Dumaguete City | The Broken Rice The City of Dumaguete is giving rice assistance to its citizens. They are handing over 10-kg of rice as part of their assistance during this pandemic.  We are very much thankful because the government took notice of the challenges we are facing, and is taking action to alleviate the struggles of the people. But, though I am thankful, I noticed something irregular with the rice. In the sack of rice,  the words “long grain” is written. From what I know, long-grain means well-milled rice and of high quality. I am not “picky” in terms of what rice to eat. In life, I have no problems eating inside “carinderias”. From the “carinderias” of Carbon, Ormoc and Dumaguete. This also gives me enough experience to know what good bad rice is. When we opened the rice, we noticed that the grains were not long, as it was actually small in length, or in common terms “broken”. It looked like broken rice. And we cooked it, it felt and tasted like broken rice. And there is n

Cancel Culture | Toni Gonzaga Interviews Bongbong Marcos

Toni Gonzaga Interviews Bongbong Marcos By now, I’m sure you know about the interview of Toni Gonzaga to Mr. Bongbong Marcos. The celebrity talk show host received a backlash from netizens who hate the former Senator. And for the victims of the Marshall Law, they felt disrespected. And in this article, I’ll share my personal opinion of the issue. But just to be clear, I have not watched the video while I’m writing this article, nor have I watched any video from Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube channel. My reaction will be from one general questions.  “Was it correct to interview Bongbong Marcos?” Before we answer the question, let us talk about Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube Channel. If you scan through her uploaded videos, you can see that she has interviewed celebrities and people who have an impact in society. When we say impact, their stories are worth telling.  Toni talks joined YouTube last January 2019, and since then, she has interviewed big names like Grace Poe, Bo Sanchez, and even recently, V

The Dumaguete City Smart City is a GO!

Dumaguete Smart City Project Note - This photo is a Stock Image from Pexels The City Government of Dumaguete has organized a public hearing. The hearings are for the 174-hectare reclamation project to hear all sides of the argument. This article is my personal opinion that there’s no point in arguing with the city government. And I believe that this project is a GO. It all makes sense now. In the past months, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made visits to Dumaguete. The president’s visits were not political. He did not come to the city to campaign for a candidate. But seeing the project unveil now, his visits now make sense. The president, to my personal opinion, came to the city to discuss the finality of the implementation of the project. We all know that the Philippines has a lot of debt in China.  China is very intelligent in making their money work for them. They lend poor countries money for what they say development. These countries lack technical resources for complex pro

Smart City Dumaguete | The Vaccines Were not FREE

Smart City Dumaguete | The Vaccines Were not FREE Smart City Dumaguete It turns out, the vaccines from China were not free.  From an article published by Inquirer, it mentioned that a Chinese sub-contractor was set to work with Dumaguete’s grandest project, the Smart City.  I’m not against progress. But I have two sources of disappointments from our city officials.  First is they lack care for the environment. The massive land reclamation project will destroy marine life in the bays of Dumaguete. Though the city will receive financial profit from the project, it will also be sacrificing a heritage. It’s very clear in our experiences with the weather and the limiting supply of marine life that we need to protect what's left of our environment. Globally, there is a movement in investing more on greener projects for the future. And Dumaguete’s Smart City is disconnected with that vision.  Second, the Dumaguete has a lot of existing problems that need addressing first. One of which is

Dumaguete City | Galawang Rich Kid Project | Smart City

Photo is a Stock Image and is not the Project Perspective Ok. .so last week, the Facebook Page of Yes The Best Dumaguete posted a proposed city project that looked like a rendered drawing from a newly graduated Engineering student. The post was about a project of the City of Dumaguete to reclaim 174 hectares of the ocean that is dubbed to be as "Smart City" that will cost 25-Billion pesos. When I first read the post, I thought it was just a hypothetical project that will happen in the distant future. But apparently today, the heads of Silliman University circulated a public petition opposing the reclamation. Then I thought. .wow. .since the University issued a petition, this project is not hypothetical.  And there’s actually a plan that would cost the City’s natural resources. Now, here is my personal opinion about the project.  It's a painful reality that in the process of progress, nature gets sacrificed. But this idea to even materialize in the City today is just a hu

3 Ways you CAN DO to Avoid Deep Fakes From Ruining the Philippine Election

3 Ways you CAN DO to Avoid Deep Fakes From Ruining the Philippine Election Before we jump into the topic of the weaponization of deep fakes in the coming Year 2022 Philippine elections, let me ask you a quick question. Are you a registered voter? If not, go out and register. I had a friend that was very strong in arguing with people during the last 2016 election. But when I asked him who he would vote for, he said he can’t because he is not a registered voter. But anyway, back to the article. Today we will talk about deep fakes. What it can do and its weaponization during elections. Social media and the internet helped dirty politicians and supporters spread fake news. The weaknesses of the internet algorithms enabled contractors to share fake articles.  Political parties and supporters fabricate fake news articles about one another. And it EXPLODED big time. Fake news is shared more than the real news itself.  So what does it have to do with deep fakes? Or, better yet, what are deep f

Pacquiao vs. Duterte | The Punisher vs. The Headhunter

Pacquiao vs. Dueterte | The Punisher vs. The Headhunter If you’ve been following the news about politics in the Philippines, then I believe you know what I am talking about. It’s obvious now that the fighting senator is aiming for a larger political seat. And Pacquiao is acting like a boxer.  In boxing, fighters would release a statement calling out their challenger to increase ticket sales. Because normally, fans are more interested in the fight if there’s drama between two fighters. It's entertaining to watch their presale interviews.   Duterte is not a stranger to this type of tactic, and I believe that he knows what Pacquiao is trying to do. Pacman wants the people to start talking about him. In one of the interviews, Pacquiao released a statement that corruption is still seated in most areas of the government. Implying that the current administration is inadequate in its campaign to eradicate corruption.  And Duterte was quick to retaliate and used a very wise psychological re