A Disappointed Governor Degamo, and a Disppointed Voter

A controversial Facebook post is now circulating online in Dumaguete City and the rest of Negros Oriental. It is a video with a voice recording of what sounds to be the now-seated Governor Roel Degamo. The 1:44 video sounds like the Governor is having a meeting with the staff of Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH). And in the meeting, the seated Governor bluntly expressed his disappointment to the people he was talking to, with some mixed Cebuano explicit words.  You can check the video here , and hopefully it is still up on Facebook by the time you are reading this. I believe that the members of NOPH did not deserve Degamo’s ranting. His anger is politically fueled after having a steep competition against the Teves on the election poles and in Social Media. The staff of NOPH deserves better treatment from the leaders they are working for. Here are my personal observations about the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital This observation was from a few years back, and I hope it has

Dumaguete City | Buglasan 2022, The Grand Opening

  Dumaguete City | Buglasan 2022, The Grand Opening October 21, 2022, was the grand opening of the 2022 Buglasan Festival. Buglasan festival is a festival of festivals here in Negros Oriental, and is hosted by its capital city Dumaguete. Speculations were circulating around the province about whether the festivities will push through.  The doubt came after two governors were seated at the provincial capitol, Roel Degamo of Pamplona vs. Pryde Henry Teves of Bayawan.  And if you roam around the Buglasan booth area now, you can find two interesting observations. Firstly, the towns of Valencia and Bayawan did not participate. This is probably because former Mayor Henry Pryde Teves is from Valencia and Bayawan. After he lost to Roel Degamo from a decision  by the DILG, the two towns may have lost the spirit to celebrate Buglasan. Or, they are showing a sign of protest. Secondly, and probably the most embarrassing of this year's celebration, 99% of the booths are incomplete during the gr

Dumaguete City | The Black Slaves of the East, A Place of Retirement

Dumaguete City | The Black Slaves of the East, A Place of Retirement The Black Slaves of the East. That is the English translation of the province name Negros Oriental, which recently headlined the national news when it had two seated Provincial Governors after the 2022 elections.  Naming the province Negros Oriental was out of oppression by the Spanish invaders. The name still stands after more than 300 years as a bitter reminder that all sins have been forgotten and forgiven. Today, Dumaguete City, the capital city of Negros Oriental is recognized as one of the best cities to retire for foreigners. And this is the topic of my article, why Dumaguete City is the best city to retire for foreigners. There are Beautiful Young Women Foreigners do not want to live the rest of their lives alone. Most of them are seeking quality companions from young beautiful Filipina women. And the city of Dumaguete attracts young girls from different places on the Negros Island. Young Pinay women that fo

Pinay Teachers as Strippers on TikTok - Sabak Daddy by Cookie$

Pinay Teachers as Strippers on TikTok - Sabak Daddy by Cookie$ The song Sabak Daddy by Cookie$ has blown across all social media platforms, but most prominently on TikTok. The song lyrics have no special meaning. The popularity of the Bisaya track relies on its catchy beat and sexually suggestive music video.  It is not complex and suggests sex, two ingredients that catapulted Sabak Daddy to success. All the best to Mr. Cookie$ for making a successful hip-hop novelty.  The song Sabak Daddy has 4.6-M views on YouTube, but most of its success comes from TikTok. It has become a month-long dance trend among TikTok users, and this is where my opinion comes from.  Almost everybody knows that a lot of money can be made from Social Media. You can say goodbye to your day job if you have thousands of followers. There is serious money in being famous on TikTok. The main reason professionals are encouraged to make videos to grow a community inside the platform, and this includes teachers.  Teacher

Dumaguete City | The News Commentator Jones Manaban

Dumaguete City | The News Commentator Jones Manaban The News Commentator Jones Manaban Jones Manaban is a legend in Dumaguete City in terms of radio broadcasting. His name will be forever engraved in the history books of Dumaguete as one of the witty radio hosts.  But does his name and title excuse him from making irresponsible statements on air? Here’s where I am coming from. Last October 11 at around 5-PM, Jones Manaban was covering on air the exit of former Mayor and Governor Pryde Henry Teves, as Roel Degamo was about to retake the Governor’s seat. It is very obvious that Jones Manaban is a supporter of the Teves. And during that day on his program, he became agitated when one of the callers referred to a Facebook post accusing the Teves of something irregular. He made several statements, then he closed it by making a remark about using Facebook for “sex”, and making a joke about "Jim Paredes" and his tongue. He is referring to the explicit leaked video of the musician. N

Dumaguete City | The Two Governors of Negros Oriental, Degamo vs. Teves

The Two Governors of Negros Oriental, Degamo vs. Teves The Two Governors of Negros Oriental October 11, 2022, is an unforgettable and sad day for 296,897 Negrense. Today is the day that Governor Pryde Henry Teves stepped down from the provincial office. Governor Pryde followed the mandate of the DILG and refused to hold on to the wishes of his followers of staying in power.  It was noted that after the May 2022 elections, the province of Negros Oriental had two governors. It was after former Mayor Pryde Henry Teves received 296,897 votes, over his opponent incumbent Governor Roel Degamo’s 277,462 votes. But the short twist of this, a candidate a.k.a Ruel Degamo was in the mix. And if Mr. RU’s vote is nullified and added up to the Roel Degamo, the incumbent Governor will win. And apparently, that's what happened. Mayor Pryde was declared first as the Governor by the COMELEC, but on October 03, the COMELEC and DILG nullified RU’s votes and declared Governor Roel Degamo as the victor.

Dumaguete City | Sangguniang Kabataan, a Redundancy Devaluing Barangay Officials

Dumaguete City | Sangguniang Kabataan, a Redundancy Devaluing Barangay Officials Sangguniang Kabataan ng Pilipinas It’s difficult to find a clear purpose of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) . This is not only my own personal opinion, but it is also the sentiment of others who have not seen or felt its value in society. The SK council is a redundant political system that can be used to breed corrupt politicians at a very young age. Though others may have different opinions about this matter, please try to understand the perspective I wish to share.  It’s redundant, and needs to be abolished The SK activities that I was able to witness are feeding programs and sportsfest. These are simple activities that can be facilitated by the Barangay officials. The Barangay Captain, and even the Councilors alone, are very capable of implementing such programs.  If the goal is to empower the youth, the Barangay Councilors can invite the youth to join.  And there is no direct use of an SK Council as a mi